St Stephens Anglican Church Belmont

St Stephens Anglican Church Belmont

St Stephens Anglican Church Belmont

St Stephens Anglican Church BelmontSt Stephens Anglican Church BelmontSt Stephens Anglican Church Belmont



Messy Church

On the 3rd Sunday of each month our 9.30 am Sunday service becomes a Messy Church.  Messy Church is church for families who may not find other forms of church appealing and who don’t yet belong to a church.  It includes hands-on creative experiences, a celebration and a meal.  It does not prioritise either the needs of children or adults but intentionally welcomes and provides for all ages. 

Kids' Church

Our Children and Youth Ministry programme takes place during our 9.30 am worship time when it is not Messy Church and during school terms.

Children begin with parents in the church service and then leave after a brief Kids' Talk when the adult teaching time takes place.  Children and Youth return to be with their parents for Holy Communion.    

Ladies Fellowship

On the first Monday of the month, at 1.30 pm, in our Church Hal, Meeting Room, or another advertised activity, ladies of all ages meet for social and discovery activities.

Men's Breakfast

Men from all age groups meet for breakfast on the 4th Saturday of each month, 8.00 am, alternating between the Church Hall and another food establishment for breakfast.  This is an opportunity for men to gather and talk about the things men talk about.

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship is key to being a Christian; an opportunity to grow in our knowledge and love of God and his Son Jesus Christ.  Discipleship groups meet in private ho,mes and in church locations to explore our experience of life and how God is revealed in and through that supported by our knowledge of the bible.


Baptisms as an infant or an adult can be made in arrangements with the Priest.  This usually involves a period to help you understand the Christian faith you are entering into and, therefore, the promises you are making for yourself or on behalf of your child.  




Confirmation is the service where those who were baptised as infants get to make the promises of baptism for themselves, declaring publicly that that they are followers of Jesus.  Confirmation takes place at the age when a person is considered to be mature and can make a decision of faith for themselves.  The service is dependent upon the bishop being present.



Weddings can take place at any time during the year in mutual agreement with the Priest.  Weddings usually take place within the Church Building, but arrangements can be made for other locations with agreement.

Weddings of divorced people is permissible in the Diocese of Melbourne, with permission of the Bishop.

Weddings include a marriage preparation course to help you understand where you and your partner are in your relationship with one another. 

Home Communions and Aged Care Facilities

Loneliness is  a significant experience for  many within our society as a result of a dispersed and mobile community.  Whether living in their own home or an aged care facility there is a need for those who are infirm to have continued interaction with their faith community.  St Stephens provides Holy Communions once a month in homes, by arrangement, and aged care facilities, according to the Aged Care Facility schedule, as well as  regular visitation by members of the congregation and friends.    

Meals Programme for the Homeless

St Stephens supports the Meals Programme for the Homeless at Christ Church, Geelong, through provision of casseroles on a monthly roster.

Go to 'Community Ministries' at Christ Church, Geelong, on the link below:


Through St Andrews Corio, we assist in resourcing and staffing the free 'op shop' for clothing, manchester, and furniture, for all refugees, irrespective of faith expression or country of origin.  This is our part of the work of Geelong Refugee Assistance Programme.   

Foundation South Sudan

Foundation South Sudan is a registered charity to provide university scholarships to South Sudanese still resident in East Africa.