St Stephens Anglican Church Belmont

St Stephens Anglican Church Belmont

worship at st stephens


Worship Style

The history of priests and context of community at St Stephens has led to a contemporary ritual style of worship with a teaching from Scripture that is reasoned and missional.

As a liturgical church, the worship involves the whole congregation and  is creatively varied for each Sunday with respect to the authorised prayer book.  Music is a selection of both hymns and contemporary songs based on the theme of the day.  

The words and songs are projected on the screen in English and Arabic (where possible) with respect for those Arabic speakers who worship with us as a result of our ministry to refugees from Iraq and Syria.     

Friday 10.00 am

Friday morning worship is an intimate service of Holy Communion utilising the different Orders of service from the authorised Prayer Book.

In winter months the service takes place in the Chapel of St James the Lesser to take advantage of the warmer environment.

Following the service the members of the congregation are invited to share in morning tea at a local cafe establishment.    

Healing Eucharist

Although we offer prayer ministry for healing or any other need at any time, the 4th Friday of each month (10.00 am) is our service of healing.  

During this service time is set aside for laying on of hands, invoking the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus for healing, and anointing with oil.  

Sunday 9.30 am

Our main Parish worship is on Sunday mornings.  All services, except the 3rd Sunday of the month are Holy Communion. 

We call this service Family Communion because it is structured for all ages.

During this service our Children's and Youth programme, Kid's Church, takes place at the same time that the adults are receiving their teaching, at an age appropriate level. 

Messy Church

The 3rd Sunday of the month is Messy Church, a non-communion service, for Parents and Grandparents and Carers with kids to worship together using hands on activities to help with learning about God alongside bible reading, teaching, singing, and praying.

This service concludes with a free sausage sizzle.