St Stephens Anglican Church Belmont

St Stephens Anglican Church Belmont

Membership of st stephens


Who Can Be Member of St Stephens

Our vision is to grow a Christian Community for All.  

That means we have no restrictions on membership: age, nationality, disability, gender diversity, level of faith, no faith, Christian tradition, baptism status, confirmation status.

All are welcome.

Share our Vision

In our vision we speak of growing a Christian Community for all.  When we say Christian Community we mean the kingdom of God.

We ask that you share with us this desire we have to enable the issues of justice and love to be available for the whole community, whether they believe in God or not, whether they are Christians or not, not just us.

Parish Vision

Commit to our Goals

Our purpose is threefold.  

We invite you to grow in knowledge and love of God as he is revealed by Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to be connecting with the community outside the church congregation to share that knowledge and love with them, and to be working and growing to become a true and faithful community of believers. 


Contribute Financially to Our Life Together as a Community of Faith

St Stephens Anglican Church, Belmont, like all churches, is a not for profit organisation.  To have a full-time priest, pay for electricity, gas, telephone, printing, property and third party insurance, copyright for music and films, internet access and information technology, maintenance of the church building, hall and house, the funds for these things come from the members of the congregation.

We invite you to regularly contribute financially to our life together.

Participate in Parish Community Building Activities

We can only grow as a true faith community as long as we spend time communicating with one another to grow in knowledge of one another and raise issues and concerns that are getting in the way of true community with those who are able to help us do something about it.

We encourage you to be involved in our Parish Community Growth Meetings and our Annual Meeting of Parishioners as well as those social occasions that bring us together.  

We expect that you will abide by our Safe Church Policies protecting children, culture, families, and women from all forms of violence and abuse.

Safe Church Policies

Baptism and Holy Communion

Baptism is a fundamental expression of your belonging to Christ and the Church.  It is the gateway to participating fully in the life of the Church.

If you are not baptised, we encourage you to talk to the Vicar about how this can take place.  If you have been baptised with water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in another Christian tradition, we honour that baptism.

If you believe that you have a relationship with God that Jesus made possible through his life, death and resurrection, then we warmly invite you to receive Holy Communion with us.    

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